Litework Euro Trough Set 3

Litework Euro Trough Set 3

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Product Code: LT302CBS3
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  • Colour: Carbon Black
  • Qty per half pallet: 4
  • Qty per pallet layer: 2
  • Layers per pallet: 2
  • Drain: Has Drain Hole
  • Weight (Kg): 40

A go-to for landscapers, architects and keen gardeners a like.

This trough, now with larger 2nd and 3rd size offerings is a must have.

Available in Black Terrazzo, Stone Smooth, Grey Smooth and White Terrazzo.

Size 1: 100 x 45 x 45cm

Size 2: 90 x 36 x 36cm

Size 3: 70 x 27 x 27cm